Plan your boat restoration project with these 6 tips


Restoring a boat that has sentimental value can be a rewarding experience. Your concern should be to do the job right the first time. When the entire process is assessed well it can save you time and money. Here are some boat restoration tips that can help you take your vessel back to its former glory.


First, you should carve out a dedicated time, prepare the work site, gather all the tools and contact the experts in the field. Don’t forget to prepare the boat itself based on the scope of the project. A full restoration may include taking off the boat hardware, windshield, removing the seats, and even the engine. Your goal should be to break the project into manageable tasks. If you want to replace the floor you should consider taking new measurements and gather all the materials.


Rewiring the electric

If you’re contemplating rewiring a boat you should ensure you have standard power tools like spanners and screwdrivers. Having the basic knowledge of how boats work can prevent potential problems. Your first goal should be to conduct a thorough inspection and look for signs of overheated wiring. And do not skimp on the materials – use wires that are less susceptible to corrosion and vibration. Sometimes, getting through some of the wiring can be a major headache so you may want to seek professional help such as electrician Indianapolis.

Remove old fuel from the fuel tank

After many trips in the water, you’ll realize that your boat is not working at optimal levels. When the motor stalls once it gets started, that’s a red flag the gas tank is clogged. Your first step should be to drain the gas tank using a clear hose. Alternatively, you can drain the oil using an air compressor. When the gas tank is sparkling clean the boat will perform as expected.

Combine waxing and polishing


Waxing will prevent your boats from further regeneration and make the cleaning job easier. Before you do your waxing job you should get rid of stains and mold. On the other hand, polishing will ensure the boat’s hull is protected and gives it a natural shine. Keep in mind that maintaining your boat’s gel coat will increase its value in case you need to sell it.

Wrap the floor with layers of fiberglass


If your boat is structurally damaged, you can rebuild it and make it as good as new. Old boats have lots of rotting wood. Wrapping the floor with layers of fiberglass will prevent corrosion and add durability. Be sure to check the damage closely before any serious repair is
carried out.

Tackle the fabric parts


Once you’re done cleaning the interior and exterior wood you should take care of the fabrics. Forget the pricey fabric cleaners and abrasive bleach. Just use the white vinegar in your cabinet. Grab a soft brush, soak in the vinegar and clean the material. Vinegar removes the musty smells and kills any mold in the fabrics. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before cleaning with plain water.

Final thoughts


Restoring your boat can be tough and expensive. It’s important that you plan carefully by following the above tips. Keeping your boat in excellent condition will ensure it lasts for many years.

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