Is living on boat a good idea?


Living in a boat sounds like a cool lifestyle right? Living in a boat has its pros and cons which I will highlight in this article, but it is important to note that due to high standards of living people have decided to find shelter elsewhere which includes these boats. Well. before you walk out of your room, hiring a moving company and think of living in the boat, you should read this article to know some few things about it.

The following are reasons why you should consider living on a boat.
It can save you a lot of money on rent
Living on a boat saves you money that you could have used in paying your rent. You are the owner of this residence, and nobody will follow you up and down demanding rent. Additionally, it can even cost you less if you choose to live at anchor or on a mooring ball.

• Less clutter
Living in a boat is choosing a minimalistic lifestyle because it doesn’t enough have the same storage capacity as a house. This allows you to have only what you feel you will need it the most hence saving on additional expenses.
• Simple life
Living in a boat has fewer distractions compared normal living. Those who live on boats enjoy a simple life, and they can spice it up by having a WIFI connection and enjoy getting out in the water.
• Less stress
The low-cost of living makes you composed and relaxed.
• Green living
Living in a boat is energy efficient and more sustainable lifestyle. This is mainly because you use environment-friendly cleaners and fewer resources.
• You will enjoy traveling
Living on boat implies that your weekends will be full of travels. You can take gateways to different coast and marinas on different locations or islands. Moreso, it is cheaper since you have your means of transportation.
However, living in the boast has its drawbacks too. For instance :
• Limited space
A houseboat has a limited space compared to the real house on land. This means you will have limited belonging and stock s in it which might occasionally prompt you to look for them when in need. Furthermore, this limits the no of people you can live with them in boats.
• Leaks and climate
Boat leaks will make your living space humid thus attracting mold. Besides, harsh weather can also be unfavorable to people living in the will invariably require heaters and dehumidifiers.
• Exposure to lightning
During heavy storms, your boat will be susceptible to lightning especially if you have a tall mast in the marina. This could be dangerous, and in some cases it is fatal.
• Corrosion
Most of the materials in the boat are prone to rust. Corroded electrical terminals can cause fie accident hence you should be alert every other time.
To wrap it up, you now have a clear overview of important aspects to consider before making a choice to live on the boat. You can comparatively evaluate these pros and cost and conclude if living in a boat is a better idea.

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